10 Water Damage Restoration Marketing Keywords

The same amount of work will get you way more leads in your water damage restoration marketing campaign.  If you are a water damage SEO, or contractor yourself, you will want to take note of these 10 long-tail keywords that can help get the phone ringing.

Expand Your Water Damage SEO

The key is to target keywords that most local websites are missing. If you notice many national brands like Servpro have pages for at least half of the keywords I mention below. That is because these brands understand the importance of going after long-tail keywords.

PPC/AdWords Restoration Keywords

CPC’s (cost-per-clicks) can be super high in the water damage restoration marketing industry due to it’s high profitably and job closing rates. If your goal is to get the best results with as little ad spend as possible, you’ll need to try bidding on some long-tail keywords.

Low competition water damage restoration keywords:

  1. Water extraction + city
  2. Crawl space mold removal/remediation/abatement/restoration + city
  3. Sewage cleanup/removal + city
  4. Attic mold remediation/remediation/abatement/restoration + city
  5. Hoarding cleanup + city
  6. Odor removal + city
  7. Water removal + city (mildly competitive)
  8. Soot cleanup/removal + city
  9. Toilet overflow + city
  10. Flood damage repair/removal/remediation/cleanup/restoration + city

Have you given any of this a try? Feel free to post a comment on your experience with water damage marketing and what keywords to use!

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