Craigslist Case Study

In this case study we will discuss how we helped Joe’s HVAC Company go from receiving 4 leads per month off of their Craigslist posts to 30 leads per month, all without spending any additional money. By just altering their ad copy and posting the ads at the correct time, they were able to nearly 10x their leads.

Client Description:

Joe’s HVAC Company has been in business for many years and used to receive most of their work from customer referrals. While that was previously okay for them, referrals had started slowing down and they wanted to drive in new leads from different sources in hopes of having a more reliable and consistent business. They believed, and rightfully so, that advertising on Craigslist could help them with this goal, so they started posting on the platform. Soon though, they became frustrated because they were paying posting fees and not receiving many phone calls. They also knew of many competitors who were amassing several new customers per month from Craigslist, so they knew it was possible to succeed on the platform, but they just did not know how.

Client’s Goal:

The client told us that they had expected our services to at least double their current performance of 4 leads per month off of Craigslist to 8 leads per month.

Our Hypothesis:

After seeing the ad Joe’s HVAC Company was using, we saw many possible avenues for improvement, which made us highly confident that our Craigslist ad writing and keyword research service could generate Joe’s HVAC Company the results that they desired, plus more.

What We Did:

To improve the client’s Craigslist post we implemented more keywords and improved the English, making the post more correct and professional. If you want to get an idea of how their ad looked, check out our free ad template.

They also were not posting the ads frequently enough to get results, so we advised them to post the ad every 48 hours. This is just the right amount of time necessary to avoid breaking Craigslist’s post frequency limit, while still also posting often enough to get more leads.

Results of the Strategy:

As a result of our work, Joe’s HVAC Company was almost able to double their expected results with no additional spend. Increases in lead volume were immediately seen after our strategy was implemented.


Craigslist can be frustrating if you are missing a few key factors, but those can be identified and resolved. Contact us today for a free audit of your Craigslist ad.

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