Professional National and Local SEO Audit Service

SEO audits are important for both business owners and SEOs. They allow business owners to hold their SEO contractors accountable, and they allow SEOs to document all necessary modifications and to charge appropriate hourly rates.

We will provide you with a full service SEO website audit and checklist that you can use to boost a website up in Google. At the core of Keywords Heaven are professional SEOs who have been doing client audits for years! We pride ourselves on providing fairly priced audits that you can use to take your website to the next level.

SEO Audit Process

Our SEO audits take an all encompassing approach to creating an SEO strategy. The features included are:

On-page Analysis

Content is king – One of the largest mistakes that SEO’s make is that they try to rank subpar content just by stuffing keywords into the titles, headings, content, etc. This does not rank. The real issue is the readability of their content and lack of LSI keywords.

  • We will check your URL and interlinking structure
  • Schema markup recommendations
  • Provide you with keywords that are high converting and low competition
  • Basic on-page analysis (titles, headings, alt tags, etc.)
  • UI/UX factors like mobile friendliness and site speed

Off-page Analysis

Link building is an art, and we consider ourselves the Andy Warhol of it. When done correctly, backlink building can skyrocket your rankings to the next dimension. When done incorrectly, it can drop your site off of the Google index altogether. We will audit your backlink profile and tell you exactly what links you need to build to safely and effectively get to the first page.

  • NAP volume, niche citations, and consistency analysis
  • Google my business (GMB) audit
  • Anchor text
  • Link diversity
  • Niche relevancy
  • 301 redirect opportunities with expired domains
  • Tier 2 link building opportunities

How Will the Checklist and Report Be Presented?

After our audit is completed you will receive a detailed PDF document with all of our recommendations listed out as simply as possible. We will also schedule a call with you to go over the contents of the audit. If you have any questions about the details, our SEO experts will gladly assist you.

How Much Does the Audit Cost?

For most websites, the audit and call costs $200. That being said, this fee is refunded if you choose to purchase implementation services with us.

What is the Turn Around Time for the Audit?

This service is generally completed within a week or two.

How Is This Different from an Automated Tool Audit? And Is It Better?

This audit is far superior to any automatically generated audit. We provide a manually checked 25+ point inspection and custom competitor analysis for your area. In addition, while most tools only provide vague and technical SEO improvements, we provide concrete recommendations with solutions that you can implement easily. We also provide new opportunities that you can utilize for future business growth, which is just something that automated audit tools do not provide.

Starting At
(free with the purchase of implementation services)
Interlinking Structure
Schema Markup
Keyword Research
Basic On-Page Analysis (Titles, Headings, Alt Tags, Etc.)
Mobile Friendliness
Site Speed
Citation Analysis
Google My Business (GMB) Audit
Anchor Text
Link Diversity
Niche Relevancy
301 Redirect Opportunities
Tier 2 Link Building Opportunities
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