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What Are Longtail Keywords?

In short, a longtail keyword is a specific and detailed search phrase. For example, instead of the keyword “water damage”, a longtail keyword would be “water damage in downstairs attic”. These longer phrases are often easier to rank for and inherently give your content a main focus since they are specific.

Why Go After Longtail Keywords?

Lower Competition and CPC

Longtail keywords are often going to have low competition. This results in a lower CPC. So although the volume on these keywords may be lower than the more generic versions of the same keywords, the cost to target these keywords can be very minimal while the intent can be very high.

Future-Proof Your Content

The landscape for search is changing. While text based search is not going away anytime soon, major search engine companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have begun entering into the virtual assistant space. With Google Home, Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Alexa, full sentences/questions and highly focused longtail keywords are becoming ever more important for digital marketers and site owners alike. That is why a Google autocomplete tool is becoming even more important for you to have in your toolset.

More Relevant Topics

Longtail keywords also typically help websites rank for shorter related key phrases. Many SEOs often implement the suggestions provided by longtail keyword research tools at scale to ensure they dominate the SERPs for all related keyword versions and iterations of longtail key phrases.

Why Use Keyword Heaven’s Free Keyword Suggestion Tool?

Manually finding longtail keywords can be a rather frustrating and tedious process. You typically have to use a keyword research tool to generate a list of long tail keywords and then run the resulting keywords through various other SEO related keyword tools such as Keyword Planner or our own keyword difficulty tool to get the relevant data and statistics. By providing you all the suggestions and statistics in one place, Keyword Heaven’s longtail keyword finder helps simply the process.

How to Get Ideas for Seed Keywords?

One great way to get ideas for seed keywords that you can base your content around is to put a few of your competitors into a tool like SEMrush and see which keywords they rank for. Once you get some seed keyword ideas, you can put them into our Google auto suggest tool to get more suggestions.

How to Estimate the Profitability of a Keyword?

Just because a keyword is low competition and has search volume does not mean that ranking for it is a good idea and that it will have a big ROI for your business. That is why it is a good idea to analyze the searcher’s intent of a keyword before selecting it as an article topic. For example, “best acoustic guitars” probably has a higher commercial intent to find guitar information and reviews, as well as to potentially buy a guitar compared to “how to play acoustic guitar” which has more of an informational intent. A couple of other factors that you can look at are the CPC data of a keyword and the country where the keyword is most commonly searched. You can view the CPC data using our free keyword suggestion tool and the search volume by country with a tool like SEMrush.