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Why Is Selecting Good Geo Modifiers Important?

If you have some familiarity with local SEO, you probably already know that you generally look for keywords that consist of keyword + geo modifier. This ultimately gives your page local relevance and makes the keyword a little bit more long-tail. But how do you know which geo modifiers to choose for easy and lucrative rankings?

That’s where our tool comes in. Simply type your keyword into the search bar and it will provide you with the keyword metrics of various geo modifiers. In addition, our search algorithm will sort and recommend various keywords. The algorithm takes into account CPC, search volume, keyword difficulty, and SEO difficulty, all of which considered together, will give you a better chance at ranking.

What Can I Do with the Results Generated by the Local SEO Keyword Generator Tool?

There are many ways to monetize in local SEO if you know the right keywords to target. Two of our favorite ways are local lead generation, as well as rank and rent SEO. Basically what you need to do is rank your own site for a relatively high ticket industry, and find a local business that would be willing to take the leads that come off of your website and pay you for them in some way. In our guide we provide in-depth explanations on how to choose a niche, do local keyword research, choose a domain, create high quality content, build links, and more. Here is brief breakdown of those topics:

Choose a Niche

To choose a high ticket local niche, it is a good idea to pick one with a high CPC for it’s main keywords. These will often provide you with niches that business owners are willing to pay a lot for leads. One good niche would be damage restoration. The service is often emergency so customers need to move fast, and the service is also often paid for and standardized by insurance companies. This way you don’t get as many price shoppers.

Local Keyword Research

You can use our tool and some others to find a few good keyword + geo modifier combinations to try and rank for. Once you get suggestions from our local keyword generator, search the keyword yourself in Google and put a competitor’s URL into a tool like Ahrefs or SEMrush to find even more keyword suggestions.

Choose a Domain

This step is important to help you rank a little easier and faster. We find that exact match domains and parasites are often the easiest way to rank in 2018 and beyond.

Exact Match Domains

Even though Google stated back in 2012 that exact match domains are not a ranking factor, they definitely still are. We are seeing exact match domains sometimes ranking after their initial sandbox period on the first or second page with good on-page and very little link building. The one downside to this is that you still need to go through the sandbox period. You can learn more about exact match domains here.

Parasite Websites

These are web pages or subdomains on authoritative domains that Google trusts. This makes the process of ranking a lot faster and allows you to do relatively aggressive link building safely without too much risk of penalties.

Create High Quality Content

There are various on-page factors that you should consider when writing your content, including: word count, LSI keywords, keyword density, outbound links, internal links, and more. Make sure you get this step down well before moving onto the off-page section of your project. If you don’t, you may be fighting an uphill battle by trying to rank.

Off-page SEO

Our basic recommendation is to build a link and anchor text foundation, some social signals, and some power links.

Backlink Foundation

Your backlink foundation should consist of a bunch of lower power trust links like:

  • Social profiles
  • Citations
  • PDF submissions
  • Video submissions
  • Audio submissions
  • Article submissions

When building these links you should be sure to use all naked url, branded, generic, image, and empty anchor text. This will allow to get good anchor text diversity and prepare your site for the power links.

Press Releases

Press releases are a great way to start building power links, and they can help a good amount with rankings. You can write and submit the press releases yourself or hire a person or company to do it for you.

Guest Posts

Once everything else is done, you can start building guest posts to the site. We recommend using exact match or partial match anchor text on a few of these assuming your anchor text profile is not over optimized. This should help give you a little bit of a boost, and you can simply keep adding these until you start ranking.

Monetizing Your Site

Of course you can cold call local businesses, but one of the easiest ways to monetize your site is to find pay per call offers. One place you can find these offers is on the pay per call section of offervault.com

That is it!